Magik Vials - The little Vials of Magic Words

Incantesimi in fialette magicheThis website is dedicated to all those who still believe in dreams and in their power to make them come true, to those who never tire of learning about the world and increasing their knowledge, and those who still have a young spirit and the desire to surprise themselves once again, without preconceptions and without setting themselves limits.
LITTLE VIALS have finally been created from the books of magic words by Cristiano Tenca, each filled with coloured crystals, according to the frequency with which you wish to create enchantments.
All you have to do is personalise them with your wishes and say the magic words, but without the anxiety that is often generated by the haste to see one's wishes come true. This expectation is often the reason why they don't work.
The experimentation carried out has obtained mixed results but, in many cases, this has made us understand the potential of this method.
We can't give anyone the certainty that they will work, because it depends on numerous factors and just as many variables, which are difficult to quantify and qualify, but one thing is certain: we will continue to study and experiment to continuously improve the effectiveness of these vials.



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A - To defend and protect, isolate and stopping negativity

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A - To defend and protect, isolate and stopping negativity
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